Once Upon A Time a lady named Evelyn Diehl moved to Nashville with her young daughter, Ameena, and a couple of Persian cats.  A year later, she registered the Diehl cattery with CFA, and her quest to raise the finest cats began in earnest. 

That was 30 years ago, but the Diehl Cattery is still going strong, making it one of the oldest bloodlines in the USA.  Evelyn now specializes in Shaded Silver & Golden Exotics.  And yes, they are descended from the Red Tabby Persian in the photo!

Ameena is all grown up now.  She has spent much of her life doing the things cat fanciers do: evenings spent cleaning & grooming, weekends spent showing, and sleepless nights spent delivering new babies.  You might say, being a cat fancier isn't a hobby- It's a lifestyle choice! 
This Page is dedicated to my mother, Evelyn, who has taught me so much- about raising cats, but also about life, and the value of perseverance. 
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