The Exotic

That tiny pug nose, nestled between round, saucer eyes- Unmistakable!

The silly, affectionate, easy-going disposition- Irresistable!

But where is the long, flowing coat that requires so much grooming?

Relax, folks- it's no Persian.  It's the lazy man's Persian: the Exotic!

The Exotic is a man-made breed which was created by incorporating the shorthair gene into the Persian gene pool.  The result is a lower-maintinence Persian with a dense, plush, medium-length coat.  Although shorthair Exotics benefit from regular combing and face washing, they are not prone to matting like their longhair counerparts.

Breed History

Originally concieved as shorthaired cat with some Persian features, the Exotic first gained breed acceptance in 1967.

Thanks to the hard work and dedication of countless breeders, the Exotic has come a long way since then.  In 1990, the Exotic Breed Standard was revised to parellel the Persian Breed Standard, word for word.  In 1991, Jovan The Ledgend became the first Exotic to earn the title of Cat of the Year, the cat fancy's most coveted honor.

Currently ranked as CFA's 3rd most registered breed, the Exotic has grown from a minority breed to one of the most popular.  We think this popularity is well deserved! 

Anatomy of An Exotic

        Large, Round Head
Did you know?

Only half of Exotics have short hair!

The other half have long hair and are indestinguishable from any other Persian.
Longhair Exotics

Thanks to their Persian ancestry, most Exotics carry the recessive longhair gene.  As a result, even breedings between two shorthair Exotics result in longhair kittens!

These longhaired Exotics are identical in every way to so-called "pure" Persians.

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